Ring Doubler Dry & Wet

The Ring Doubler is a machine designed to double yarns, meaning it combines two strands of yarn into one. This process is often done to increase the thickness or strength of the resulting yarn, or to create a yarn with a different appearance or texture.

Applications :

Multi fold cotton threads
Sewing threads

Specifications :

No. Of Spindles 624 624 600 500
Spindle Gauge 3" 3" 3.1/2" 4"
Ring Dia.Meter 2" 2.1/8" 2.1/2" 3"
Lift 8 or 9 8 or 9 10" 10"
Spindle RPM 11500 11000 9000 8000

Materials : Cotton, Polyester, P.V., Acrylic, Silk / Nylon Multi Filament Twines

Features and Benefits

They are engineered to deliver high performance, reliability and efficiency, helping textile manufacturers optimize their production processes and stay competitive in the market.

Innovation and R & D

JMW Machine Works continuously invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the textile industry.

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