Jute Twine Twister

This machine is designed specifically for processing jute fibers, which are derived from the jute plant and are known for their strength and durability. Jute twine twisters are used to twist these fibers together to create twine, which is a strong, coarse thread commonly used for various purposes such as packaging, gardening, crafts, and upholstery.

Applications :

Used for Producing Multifold Jute Twines fromTwo Ply's To Six Ply's and cotton Twine and Ropes

Specifications :

No. Of Spindles 144 96 80 60
Spindle Gauge 9" 11" 14" 16"
Ring Dia.Meter 6.1/2" 8" 10" 11.1/4"
Ring Height 1" 1" 1.1/2" 1.1/2or2"
Spindle Lift 14" 14" 14" 14"
Sprindle Speed Max RPM 4000 3200 2400 2000
Twist Range 3.5-14 TPI 1.5-14 TPI 1.5-14 TPI 1-10 TPI
Stop Motion - Mechanical Type Mechanical Type Mechanical Type
LBS 4 LBS-9 LBS 9 LBS-20×5 LBS 14 LBS-28×5 LBS 14 LBS-32×6LBS
Required Power in HP 20/30 HP 30/40 HP 40 HP 50 HP

Materials : Cotton, Jute, Synthetic Yarns

Features and Benefits

They are engineered to deliver high performance, reliability and efficiency, helping textile manufacturers optimize their production processes and stay competitive in the market.

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JMW Machine Works continuously invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the textile industry.

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